Celebrate Your Baby Birthday with My Bakers

Celebrating a newborn baby's birthday is special for every parent because when the time will pass and they will memorize old good days, the very first thing that will surround their minds will be their newborn's birth time and when he or she turned one. They would have pictures of their baby's big day, and the highlight will be the cake along with the baby. The parents, siblings, uncle, aunt, grandparents, and other guests will have their eyes on the cake and how much it suits the celebration and its presentation. Everyone will remember it for a good time how the cake looked like and how well it tasted. Therefore, the parents can order cake online from Mybakerslocated in Ludhiana, Punjab.


What types of cakes Mybakers offer?


1. Flavour Based Cakes: - Mybakers offers various kinds of cakes comprising of different flavors to order new baby cake onlineincluding: -


* Chocolate cake, which is further divided into basic, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate Oreo cake, cake with chocolate sticks, chocolate bucket cake, the chocolate wrap cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, etc.

*Fruit cake comprising of fresh fruit cake, mixed fruit cake, etc.


However, there are many more options available on the basis of flavors.


2. Cartoon Cakes: - As this is all about baby's cake, it is obvious that kids would be invited. To make the party attractive for children, the magnificent cake would be the best choice for depicting favorite cartoon characters. Such a style of cakes is customized according to the customer's demand and also looks appealing to kiddos. The company makes sure to send cake at the desired time and place. However, on its website, here are some options: -


* Angry Birds Theme Cake

* Batman Theme Birthday Cake

* Beautiful Doll Birthday Cake

* Customize or Cute Barbie Doll Birthday Cake

* Lovely Spiderman Birthday Cake

* Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

* Motu Patlu Theme Cake


Why should you choose Mybakers?


Mybakers is the finest bakery in Ludhiana city. We offer authentic and high-quality cakes for nearly every occasion such as birthday, anniversary, baby shower, reception party, marriage, engagement, and so on. In the whole Ludhiana, we are known for our efficient services, from providing hygienic cakes to delivering at an accurate time. Mybakers will never give you any reason for disappointment, as we follow high standards when it comes to serving customers. That's why you should give us a chance, and it's guaranteed you will never regret it but will order again.


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