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By having My Bakers by your side, you will get the opportunity to celebrate your special event like never before. Be it any occasion like anniversary, wedding, or birthday; we are here to serve you.

No celebration can be complete without a gorgeous cake. Throughout generations, cakes have become a ritual to parties and special events. Sharing a sumptuous cake with your loved ones brings immense joy, making the event even more charming.

When you add a delicious cake to the equation, the celebration becomes even more happening. So, why steal the glamour of your party? With My Bakers by your side, you will get access to an assortment of cakes that are bound to blow your mind.


Located in Ludhiana, My Bakers offers an online platform to customers who wish to purchase delicious, mouth-watering cakes to celebrate a special event and share happiness with their loved ones. With a variety of options at your disposal coupled with a quick, simple, and hassle-free system of online transaction, buying a cake couldn’t have been easier.

You will get the top-notch professionals working on your cake to give you the experience you deserve only at My Bakers. The cakes we offer are egg free and 100% fresh, making us one of the unique cake service portals online. We appoint talented and highly trained chefs who can guarantee taste and quality at the same time.

My Bakers is a reliable and licensed company, which extends its services all over Ludhiana. If you are in need for a cake, we are here to make it happen.

What sets us apart from the other bakeries online and offline is our unique approach to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We thrive on our clients, and we continuously work on towards delivering cakes with the ‘wow’ factor, so that you want to order again and again.

We want to make occasions even more special with the little power vested upon us. We understand how a good cake can change the atmosphere of your event and quickly become the talk of the evening. Keeping this element in mind,My Bakers is here to offer you the best cakes and cake delivery in Ludhiana. Place your absolute faith on us, and we will do our best to serve you with our mouth-watering cakes and seamless delivery.


Online Cake Delivery – Ludhiana-




Delightful Cakes for Your Appetite!


Submerge into our luscious collection of Brownies, Cup Cakes, Fruity Nutty Cakes, Plain Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Exclusive Cakes, and Custom Cakes at My Bakers.


These cakes are just meant to deliver a heavenly experience of merriment and gratification. If you intend to send it as a gift, the receiver is bound to be enchanted by rich, creamy flavors and jaw-dropping design. My Bakers is committed to delivering high-quality cakes made from fresh ingredients. With our top-notch cakes and seamless delivery solutions by your side, you can stay assured that your experience will be ravishing.


On-Time delivery Solutions


One of your primary concerns would be the delivery of your cake, and we have it covered. Delivering on is one of our primary concerns. Not receiving the cake on time can have a massive impact on the experience we aim to offer our clients. Keeping this aspect in mind, we employ highly trained professionals that follow a very systematic system that operates effortlessly to deliver the cakes right on time so that you can stay at ease all the time.


You may be a parent, friend, spouse, or family member, who wishes to order a cake as a gift for your loved one, and we promise to deliver your cake on time so that the occasion isn’t spoiled because of any delay from our end. We have a winning record of providing our cakes on time, and we assure you to continue the same.


Why Choose My Bakers?


My Bakers is your one-stop destination for quality cakes at an attractive price range. It is the one place you will find quality and happiness at the same time. We offer -


ü  A variety of options

ü  On-time delivery

ü  High-quality cakes

ü  Reasonable cost


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